Gorge Winds Community Grocery

Food for people - Not for profit!

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Our Vision

Gorge Winds Community Grocery will become a thriving food cooperative sourcing fresh, local, and healthy products at a fair price. Our store will stand at the heart of Skamania County to serve as an educational resource for sustainable living and eating.

Our Mission
We are proud to be the first cooperative grocery in the Columbia River Gorge. Our goal is to provide real food for people, not for profit. We will offer high quality, wholesome, fresh, and locally made products at the most affordable prices possible.
We are committed to providing a venue for community-based learning about local food and food systems. We promise to do this with a smile, with honesty and integrity, and in the spirit of collaboration.

Become An Owner

Shares for Gorge Winds Community Grocery (“the co-op”) are available at $150 each. Your first share may be purchased over 3 years, with at least $5 down and the balance paid in payments of at least $5/month. The co-op is in the process of being organized; shares provide the capital funds needed to open the store. Ownership in the co-op entitles you to voting and participation rights, as well as various discounts and privileges as determined by the board.

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